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Mikel’s Story: Volunteering Abroad with AmeriSpan

Read this personal account from one of our volunteer participants, Mikel B., who is currently volunteering in Bolivia.  My name is Mikel and I am a 21 year old girl who has been doing volunteer work for the past year through Amerispan and I am continuing on my second year with them. One of the… Read more »

Top 10 Inside Tips: India

 1. Buying & Bargaining. Shop owners insist that they are giving a variety of discounts to you and only you. i.e. the “Pretty Girl” discount,  “First Customer of the Day” discount, “Last Customer of the Day” discount, etc. You can easily spot “touters” after getting taken once or twice. Often times, the hotels and taxi/rickshaw… Read more »

Volunteer in Kenya Video

Watch a video of AmeriSpan’s volunteer program in Kenya. We offer volunteer opportunities in medical and community projects in Kenya, for both medically qualified and non-qualified volunteers. Click for more information about AmeriSpan’s Volunteer Programs in Kenya.