Spotlight: Medical Spanish in Costa Rica

Alajuela_Salud_Group_Hike During all the hubbub about healthcare this week, we here at
AmeriSpan thought we’d highlight one of our best
Medical Spanish Programs in Alajuela, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a highly organized Social Security system known
as the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS). CCSS is one of the most
developed healthcare systems in Latin America. In fact, it could probably hold
its own against the systems in more developed countries. Established in 1943,
CCSS may be so advanced because Costa Rica does not have a military to fund and
so can devote money to more social projects.

The system offers guaranteed services to 90% of the population. Social Security
in Costa Rica covers the employed, whose employers and employees both pay into
it in the form of taxes. It also covers the unemployed and those in extreme
poverty through state subsidies and voluntary payments.  Costa Rican children receive free
vaccinations and the country has a very long life expectancy. The program also
ensures that proper sanitation and access to potable water is a priority.

Learn more about the different levels of the CCSS healthcare system through
AmeriSpan’s SALUD Medical Spanish program in Alajuela, Costa Rica. The program
incorporates Spanish classes, cultural activities, an overview of the
healthcare system and site visits to various clinics and hospitals. Students
even have the opportunity to add on a 5th week and observe doctors
in a clinical setting!  Past participant
Kristen L. raves, “I chose this program because it seemed to offer a bit more
than other medical programs, and the fact that it offered medical Spanish. I
can’t decide whether the homestay or the last week working in the clinic was
better, both were beyond my expectations.”

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