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SALUD Medical Spanish: First Days in Cusco!

“The main center of the city is the Plaza Del Armas and it is absolutely gorgeous! I want to go there every day and just take in the beautiful churches, fountains and parks. ”

Salud Medical Spanish in Buenos Aires: First Week

“This is my first immersion experience, and I can honestly say that immersion is the ONLY WAY to get a language. I am forced to speak in Spanish all day, and it is pushing me to learn quickly.”

Introduction/Lima Hotel

“In just a little over a week I will be starting my journey to Cusco, Peru where I will be living for an entire month!”

Meet the Fundraiser: Dhara K.

“No matter how much planning you do, you’re simply going to have to dive in, head first, and take the experience as it comes. Remember to bring pictures of your friends and family, of important events—graduation, parties, etc.—from home so that the people you meet and the friends you make abroad can know your story as well.”

Become a Lead Salud Student!

Lead Students can receive up to $750 off their program costs plus $50 per group member!

Medical Spanish & Portuguese Updates

Check out the latest updates & specials for SALUD Medical Spanish & Portuguese programs

A Visit with a Peruvian Shaman

By Miki S., guest blogger, Cusco SALUD participant and AmeriSpan Delegate Scholar.  One afternoon we got to have a meeting with a real shaman!  It turns out she also worked as a Registered Nurse and a massage therapist.  And there I was expecting this witch to come in with a cape or something.  But she was really sweet and gave us… Read more »

First Week in Peru

By Miki S., guest blogger, Cusco SALUD participant and AmeriSpan Delegate Scholar. It’s been one week since I’ve arrived in Peru but I have honestly done so much already…. The Sunday of my arrival, my family took me to the Plaza de Armas (the heart of Cusco) where we saw a mini-festival, rather a competition,… Read more »

Spotlight: Medical Spanish in Costa Rica

During all the hubbub about healthcare this week, we here at AmeriSpan thought we’d highlight one of our best SALUD Medical Spanish Programs in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a highly organized Social Security system known as the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS). CCSS is one of the most developed healthcare systems in… Read more »