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So you want an iPod…?

By Glenn Rigby I bought an iPod about 2 months ago, and it has completely changed my music-listening experience. Prior to this, I carried around a discman with three or four cd's in my pocket for a little variety. As a guy with 300+ cd's, and who constantly has music playing, this was very restricting…. Read more »

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna

by Glenn Rigby After traveling Europe extensively as a boy, and then as a young adult, Mozart began making his return to his native land of Austria. On the way he stopped in Munich, where his opera Idomeneo premiered. The next year he returned to Vienna with his employer, prince-Archbishop Colloredo. Mozart grew more and… Read more »

Samba Dance & Music

By Alexa Boyce When one thinks about the "traditional" or cultural music of the world, you might imagine that it has been in development or a part of a certain country's culture for hundreds of years. Samba is relatively a baby compared to these. Surprisingly, it was born around the 19-"teens" and 1920's as a… Read more »

Martial Arts Worldwide

By Alexa Boyce When people here in the States think of Martial Arts, they may think of Bruce Lee's street fighting technique or Mr. Miyagi's disciplined approach. The truth is, that martial arts come in a large variety of styles and emphases. Some martial arts styles stress street combat, others stress sports skills and competition,… Read more »

Japan Goes Pop

By Kayla Allen For years Japanese pop art has been popular and recognizable worldwide but in recent years with video games and anime becoming more like moving masterpieces and just as suitable for adults as children, Japanese pop art has become more pervasive than ever. From fine art to manga (Japanese comic books), to the… Read more »

French Culture – Film Review

By Kayla Allen – I love almost everything French. When I visited Paris it took a lot of convincing by my boyfriend at the time to get me to go anywhere else in Europe and even more convincing to get me back on the plane home to the states. I quite simply just never wanted… Read more »

Arabic Music Review

The other weekend, my husband and I were at Borders. My husband is a CD junkie and is always in search of any type of music to add to our collection. Upon browsing through the international music section, he came across a 3 disc set of Arab music. I know he was very intrigued by… Read more »

Learn Italian through Italian Films

By Kayla Alen – Film is a medium that can often transcend language, but for me the Italian in Italian Cinema is just as important as the cinematography, the actors, the landscape and the soundtrack. Even with no comprehension of the language it is impossible not to intuit some meaning from the sound, inflection, fervor… Read more »

The Pantheon in Rome

My Art History class is currently covering the art and architecture of the Roman Empire, and I was blown away by what I learned about the Pantheon. First of all, the Pantheon we now know isn't the original. The original, much smaller Pantheon was built by Marcus Agrippa (close friend and son-in-law of Augustus) between… Read more »


By Anne-Marie Dingemans A fundamental part of Latin American culture is watching telenovelas. A telenovela is similar to a soap series, but they usually have a predetermined set of episodes (the producers write the entire plot before starting to film). Telenovelas are the most-watched shows in Latin America and are the top-rated shows in all… Read more »