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La Comida

“No matter what I eat for lunch, I can always expect a great dinner when I get home. Mi madre, Cinthya, cooks the best food, no matter what it is. Everything comes with rice, of course, but the meals range from soups to quesadillas to pork chops.”

AmeriSpan Contest: Tips and Best Practices

Today is the "early prize drawing" where we'll be awarding a Kindle and other prizes. There is still plenty of time to join our contest and super-charge your efforts to win one of the races for one of the many prizes in the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of May. via

Study French in Quebec City and Save!

If you have been thinking of studying French, now is the time! Quebec City is renowned for its beauty and almost fully French-speaking population. Located on the St. Lawrence River, summer is a wonderful time to explore all that Quebec City has to offer, such as the Quebec City Summer Festival, Canada's largest outdoor artistic… Read more »

Off the Press: Learn Spanish in Bogota, Colombia

Learn Spanish in Bogota, Colombia or split your time between Bogota and Cartagena. We have been working with the Bogota program for a couple of years but we have now formally added it to our Spanish-speaking destinations. See all Colombia Spanish Schools

Free Week of Classes: Study Spanish in the Dominican Republic

Anyone who has ever been to the Dominican Republic can tell you that it is colorful, gorgeous, and remarkably unique.  Located on the island of Hispanola between the equally beautiful islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, ‘la Republica Dominicana’ has a boatload to offer the Spanish student looking for some rest and relaxation in paradise. … Read more »

Blizzard Special & Updates

2-day Blizzard special and newsletter posted.

Contest Winners Announced

We are please to announce our Winner, Runner-up and Finalists. Winner (Patrice Scipio): 2 free weeks of classes & lodging at any AmeriSpan destination or $1,000 coupon toward any AmeriSpan program Runner-up (Laura Chen): 1 free week of class & lodging at any AmeriSpan destination or $500 coupon toward any AmeriSpan program Finalists: The finalists… Read more »

French Songs & Bands

So with all the buzz regarding Phoenix, a French band, we decided it is a good time to list some of our favorite French Bands and songs. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. Some of these aren't available for MP3 download so if you like the song, you'll need to buy a… Read more »

Tips to Get The Most out of AmeriSpan Study Abroad

Here are the Top 5 tips in getting the most our of your AmeriSpan program 1.  Check out our Specials page. These generally change every month. 2.  See if you are eligible for one of our scholarships – scholarships can be combined with specials. 3.  Look at our Price Guarantee and Foreign Price Guarantee to… Read more »

Study Abroad and Learn Chinese Part 2

If you read our first blog entry this week about studying abroad and learning Chinese, you learned about three schools in two fabulous locations: Beijing and Hangzhou, China. Today we are going to discuss three more cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei.