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Study Abroad and Learn Chinese Part 1

Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world. There are many programs in a wide variety of locations where you can go to study this fascinating language. Which location is right for you? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of studying in Beijing and Hangzhou, China. Stay tuned for additional… Read more »

Study Abroad Bargain in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala is an excellent location when looking for a place to study Spanish abroad. It is a beautiful Colonial city (many say the most beautiful in Central America), the locals are very friendly and helpful, homestay families give lots of personal attention, and the Guatemalan accent is very clear and easier to learn than… Read more »

Study Spanish Abroad in Monteverde Costa Rica

Deciding upon a study abroad location can be challenging. With so many locations, how to choose? Luckily, AmeriSpan Study Abroad has done the research for you. Read on to learn about Monteverde, Costa Rica and the pros and cons of studying Spanish in Monteverde.

Study Abroad F.A.Q.: Homestay

What are the benefits of staying in a homestay? Homestay can be a great part of the immersion experience. The thing to think about is what would make the situation the most comfortable for you. You might want to be with another student, you might want to be on your own. You might want children… Read more »

Last Day in Cusco

By Farah Ahmad – Guest Blogger from Cusco SALUD The last two nights have been really fun (but long nights) out dancing with some of the people from school and people we've met during our time here. I feel like I'm supposed to take a moment here to reflect on my whole experience. But I'm… Read more »

Shadowing in the Oncology Department

By Farah Ahmad – Guest Blogger from Cusco SALUD Today was my last day in the Essalud hospital in Cusco and it ended on a high note. There have been some rotations during our two week shadowing period that have included more down time than others, but our last two days have been really interesting…. Read more »

Lessons Learned in Cusco

By Farah Ahmad – Guest Blogger from Cusco SALUD 1. Try to plan your trip so you can be in Cusco for Inti Raymi and the week preceding the holiday. I found all the dances the week prior to be more exciting than the actual day of the holiday! 2. In all the rush of… Read more »

Barcelona Group Trip

By Kathleen Schneider- High school Group Leader in Barcelona 6/27/08 The first week of classes ended today. The kids are looking forward to the weekend. Yesterday we had a really good day. Everyone seemed to be feeling relaxed and comfortably into their routine. We had lunch at school and them headed out for an afternoon… Read more »

Poco y Poco

By Farah Ahmad- Guest Blogger from Cusco SALUD Today was a great day at the hospital especially since I was dreading that we would be sitting there with absolutely nothing to do. Today I was at the physical therapy department in the "hidroterapia" room that was perfect for practicing Spanish. There were warm baths kind… Read more »

The Weekend Excursions

By Farah Ahmad – Guest Blogger from Cusco SALUD The rafting trip was great. I'd only gone once before but our guide knew what he was doing. It was a full-day trip ending with a much-appreciated lunch of chicken and fries. The next day, I hopped a bus with a friend from school and we… Read more »