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School So Far

By Hannah Gieseket – Guest Blogger Studying in Heredia, Costa Rica It is hard to believe that is has already been two days since I first arrived in Costa Rica to begin my studies. The morning of classes we were asked to arrive early to the school so that we could complete paperwork and perform… Read more »

My Weekend

By Kent Truckor – Guest blogger studying in Valencia, Spain This past weekend was a busy one but a good one. Friday night I went out with Nicolas for his last night in Valencia. He returned to Italy on Saturday. It is funny how things work out because it seemed like we bonded the last… Read more »

Arriving to Costa Rica

By Hannah Gieseket – Guest Blogger studying in Heredia, Costa Rica The anticipation of leaving for the trip made it difficult to sleep the night before, but I woke up early on Sunday to make the trip to the airport to begin my journey to Costa Rica. I will be studying in Heredia, Costa Rica… Read more »

A Night Out

By Kent Truckor – Guest blogger studying in Valencia, Spain I just finished my eight week of classes and things seem to be going relatively well. I am officially over a third of the way done with my program and stay in Spain. I feel that I am making relatively good progress with the language… Read more »

Leaving Quito

By Bradley Rehak – Guest Blogger studying in Quito, Ecuador In preparing to leave a place where one has lived for two months, I believe it's good to contemplate a bit on one's successes and failures–in travel and entertainment as well as in language learning. Here, then, are the most prominent points for me. Failures:… Read more »

Progress and Diversity

By Kent Truckor – Guest blogger studying in Valencia, Spain Today we began to study the past tenses of the Spanish. I am excited about this because this will give me the opportunity to no longer sound so one-dimensional when I talk. In my class, I now have students from Germany, Poland, US and China…. Read more »

The Beach

By Bradley Rehak – Guest blogger, studying in Quito, Ecuador I finally got my chance to go to the beach. It's something I've been awaiting a long time, so let me just get to the juicy details. We arrived in Canoa, on the western coast of Ecuador, early in the morning, and so had to… Read more »

My Weekend

By Kent Truckor – Guest blogger studying in Valencia, Spain This past weekend was a really good weekend. Friday night I went out with Anna and Nicola to the Barrio de Carmen. It is a district towards the center of town with many bars, restaurants and so forth. We went to a bar called Johnny… Read more »

Study Abroad Program Selection

By Bradley Rehak – Guest blogger studying in Quito, Eucador Having studied abroad four different times now, in three different languages (even if one was English), I considered myself quite exercised in the selection of such programs. In order that others can more easily find success than I did—and avoid some of my failures—I now… Read more »

7th Week Recap

By Kent Truckor – Guest Blogger studying in Valencia, Spain Hola, Seven weeks down – so far so good! This weekend it looks like we might be making it to a festival in one of the small pueblo outside of Valencia. This time of year and into September there are many festivals in the small… Read more »