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Meet the School: Buenos Aires’ Head of Studies/Volunteer Coordinator

Let us never forget that communication is vital, learning languages ??opens us up to the future and that to come in contact with different cultures is enriching at any stage of life.

Learn Chinese in Shanghai, China – Video

Last week, we introduced you to the Director of Development at AmeriSpan’s Shanghai Chinese school. Now, we invite you to take an even closer look at the Shanghai Chinese school in the following school video:

Argentina Spanish Schools

While studying in Argentina, you can take excursions to attractions like the majestic Iguazu Falls, Andean national parks, the beaches of Montevideo, and more!

Adventures in Costa Rica

oon I was cruising across the sand at 60 miles per hour, splashing through the surf, and entirely alone except for a few groups of large carrion birds that looked like vultures, munching on the remains of dead turtles too heavy to carry away.

Excursion to Mamita’s Beach

The sand is powdery, and the water is turquoise. It isn’t packed with people, and it’s easy enough to get food as well.

Peru Spanish Schools Close-up

Ever wondered what the advantages would be to choosing one of AmeriSpan’s Peru Spanish schools for your Spanish immersion program?

Meet the School: Madrid’s Head of Studies

It is important to distinguish between client and student. As a teacher you should never see them as a client and a student in the class room should never behave as one.

Korean School Tour in Seoul

Sometimes watching a video of a city or school can give you insight that photos can’t! Tour AmeriSpan’s Seoul Korean school in the following video blog!

Meet the School: Alicante’s Academic Coordinator

Enforex Alicante is located in a privileged location next to the promenade and the beach Postiguet in the historic center of town. The Mediterranean-style building, modern and spacious, seats 120 students. This gives it a unique identity.

Video: Budget-Friendly Spanish School in Cusco

A few weeks ago, AmeriSpan introduced and sung the praises of our new partner, our Cusco Spanish school. It is truly a gorgeous location, and this video proves it.