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AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: The Great Wall of China

Today we explore The Great Wall of China, a wonder of the world so monstrous that it’s visible from the moon!

Learn Chinese in Shanghai, China – Video

Last week, we introduced you to the Director of Development at AmeriSpan’s Shanghai Chinese school. Now, we invite you to take an even closer look at the Shanghai Chinese school in the following school video:

Meet the School: Shanghai’s Director of Development

“If you have never been to China before, no amount of documentaries or travel guides can fully prepare you.”

Meet the School: Beijing’s Academic Director

My school is not a language school- it’s a culture exchange center, and also a big warm family.

Meet the School: Beijing, China’s founder & Director

Julia Zhou is founder & director of AmeriSpan’s partner school in Beijing, China.  She shares her own story about her background and how she started her language program.

How to Say Happy Mother’s Day Abroad

Mother’s Day will be celebrated this Sunday, May 9, in the United States. The 2nd Sunday in May is a very popular date worldwide for people to honor their mothers, but it is not the same in every country! Many Mother's Day celebrations also coincide with International Women's Day, March 8th. We thought it would be… Read more »

What Documents Do You Need to Study Abroad?

There are many documents that you will need to get in order prior to your trip. Which ones do you need? How do you get them? How far in advance of your study abroad trip do you need to start applying for them? Read on for all these answers and more. Passport: If you do… Read more »