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Get Free Weeks of Spanish Study Abroad

If you register by the end of June, you can receive free weeks of language or group classes with AmeriSpan on any programs starting between August 1 – December 31 in select locations in Argentina, Guatemala and Spain.

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Meet the School: Salamanca’s Head of Studies

In addition to everything offered by the school, Salamanca also offers a great learning environment, security, tranquility, possibility to relate easily with others to live in an outdoor museum, and breathe, feel and notice history, art and culture.

Meet the University: Barcelona International College

I started working in study abroad right after I graduated from college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life so I decided to get a job in what I knew I loved and what made a difference in my life – Study Abroad. It combined my passions for travel, language learning and exploring new cultures.

Meet the School: Valencia’s Academic Director

In order to travel abroad and successfully learn a language, we need to set out certain personal and specific goals. It’s essential to keep an open mind, free of preconceived prejudices, to build up tolerance towards cultural diversity, and, of course, to hold certain intellectual curiosity.

Meet the School: Barcelona’s Head of Studies

The philosophy I’ve always tried to apply is a consideration of the student as a guest, and as such we should try to make their experience unique, to give them an experience they’ll remember for the remainder of their life, learn a language, but also become familiar with another lifestyle that will enrich their personal and professional future.

Meet the School: Madrid’s General Director

Don Quijote is a Spanish school and we can find a completely professional service but only within an environment that’s friendly and cordial. The teachers are highly skilled but also very personable. The location of the school and its facilities are excellent.

Meet the Fundraiser: Halina C.

I come from a pretty small town in the Bay Area, and Naples was a bit overwhelming with 3 million people. I was a little intimidated at first, but eased right into everyday life after my first couple days of school.

Meet the School: Salamanca’s Academic Director

The location of our school and our accommodations in the center of the city makes sure everything is close at hand. Salamanca is a very safe city for its residents and all visitors are greeted with warmth and respect.

Spanish Language Resources

Games are an especially valuable resource, as they’re fun and encourage the repetition of new vocabulary.