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Spanish and Volunteering: Feeling Homesick in Sucre

“..there’s a traditional dance from Sucre where both of the dancing partners use a napkin like a scarf and everybody else claps. I don’t know the name for it, so I’ve dubbed it the ‘Napkin Dance’.”

Bolivian Food

Today the soup was “sopa con arroz y papas fritas”. That’s right: rice and french fry soup. It’s apparently a favorite- my eleven-year-old host sister was super excited about it.

Starting Out in Sucre

“The center of the city’s beautiful, with flower gardens and white colonial buildings with red roofs. The buildings are all squished together like in San Francisco, but it’s a lot less city-like, somehow.”

Volunteering and Discovering Wildlife in Bolivia

For those considering volunteer work and/or language immersion in South America, Volunteering in Bolivia might not be first option to come to mind, but AmeriSpan has sent many a volunteer to Sucre who return with a positive report and plenty of enthusiasm.  One such volunteer was our esteemed guest blogger Alison B., whose insight will… Read more »