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Summer NOW!

If you've already received a copy of last week's newsletter then you have already heard, but for those of you who haven't, AmeriSpan is encouraging last-minute summer registrations!  Sad you missed out on studying abroad this summer?  There's still time! All  you have to do is register for any program starting before Labor Day and… Read more »

Latest Newsletter

Take a look at our latest newsletter: and learn about offers, new programs and much more.

New “Re-Entry: Need to Know” E-Report!

AmeriSpan loves seeing perspective, current, and registered students alike taking full advantage of our free e-Reports!  Our "19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes", "Ultimate Guide to Packing", and "Predeparture Guide" are the most popular downloadable tools at the moment.  They are proving to be a valuable resource for studying languages and traveling abroad. But, until now,… Read more »

Specials Update!

AmeriSpan is still reeling from the excitement of Spain’s victory in the World Cup, and we’re celebrating by knocking down program costs in select Spain locations over the next few weeks!  We’ve also added a few new specials and renewed some others (keep in mind that we have permanent discounts for bloggers, groups, students, and… Read more »

Flooding in Brazil: Maceio is Safe!

Due to flooding close to Maceio, one of our Brazilian locations, we wanted to pass on an assuring message from our partner school: "Everything is fine in Maceio, the biggest problem is in country side, in cities located more than 2 hours away. In Maceio was raining a lot, but didn’t flood where the school… Read more »

New School Location in St. Petersburg, Russia

Our award winning Russian in St. Petersburg school has moved to a more central location in the gorgeous city of St. Petersburg, close to hot spots like the Mikahilovsky Zamok, Russian Museum, and several parks, shops and cafes, and is now more popular than ever!  

Access to Taormina Film Festival for our “Italian in Taormina” Students!

Breaking news for our students planning on studying Italian in Taormina/Sicily through this Friday! Our partner school in Taormina has just excitedly announced that all students enrolled in Italian language courses throughout the duration of the 56th Annual Taormina Film Fest will receive free admission! This year, Robert DeNiro is in attendance and receiving honors… Read more »

Current AmeriSpan Specials End in One Week!

  Our extended specials are ending in exactly one week – and we mean it this time!  Check out last Tuesday's Specials post for a run down of all expiring specials, or have a look at our Specials and Discounts Page!

AmeriSpan News: Guatemala Announcement and Specials Updates

It's proving to be a busy week at AmeriSpan Headquarters; we have just entered our "high season," and many students are taking advantage of the warm weather (keep in mind that the southern hemisphere experiences Summer during our Winter!).  Recently, we updated our specials and learned new information about flights to Guatemala resuming and returning… Read more »