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Study Abroad Mistake #8: Paying Too Much

The 19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes e-report is available for download. The 8th Biggest Mistake is “Paying Too Much for Study Abroad” and we can tell you, many AmeriSpan students are paying too much and non-AmeriSpan students are paying prices that are as much as $3,000 higher, why because those organizations are greedy plus many… Read more »

Take Advantage of Scholarships

We continue to be flabbergasted that few participants apply for a scholarship on our programs. We have scholarships for just about any current Undergraduate or Graduate student ranging from $150-$750. But if you can’t find one and are a college student, you can talk to a faculty member at your college and ask them to email… Read more »

Russia School Update

The violence in Moscow that shook the country and made global news yesterday was scary and a noted highly rare event.  Thankfully, our Moscow language school staff has reported that everyone there is fine and that the school’s neighborhood is all the way across the city from where the violence took place.  

Spanish for Educators Group

Here is your chance to join an already existing group of teachers and students from Edgewood College to Morelia, Mexico on their annual MAESTRO Spanish Program for Teachers.  In its fourth year, this program has shown great success and now the program director has offered to share this experience with teachers outside the Edgewood community…. Read more »

Studying Abroad with Skype? Free WiFi Worldwide!

Skype is a great tool to use while studying or traveling abroad, and it just gets better! Skype announced that this weekend, March 20-21, 2010, they will offer free WiFi worldwide. From 0.00 GMT on Saturday, March 20th to 23.59 GMT on Sunday, March 21st, Skype Access will be completely free to use from anywhere in… Read more »

AmeriSpan’s New Budget Crisis Scholarship

AmeriSpan is pleased to announce our new Budget Crisis Scholarship. Due to the budget crisis, cities and states are reducing their support for state and community colleges. Applicants can receive a $250 scholarship when enrolling in an AmeriSpan College Study Abroad program, if you are currently enrolled at a state or community college. You may… Read more »

New Newsletter

We sent a new online newletter to view it go here:

Peru Spanish Schools: Machu Piccu Re-Opening 4/1/2010

Looking for a Peru Spanish school? AmeriSpan is happy to let you know that the popular excursion to Machu Picchu will be available on April 1st.  Peruvian Trade and Tourism Minister Martin Perez announced last month that the citadel of Incan ruins will be reopening to the public following the flooding of roads leading to… Read more »

BRB: Going to Europe

Our Biggest Promotion … ever Why Go to Europe Now? • Save 12.5% on programs in Europe • US Dollar is strong versus the Euro • Airfare is still reasonably priced Where Are the Promotions? • Spain Spanish schools • Germany German Schools • Austria German schools  • France French schools • Switzerland French courses… Read more »

Chile Spanish Schools: Accepting Students After Earthquake

After the earthquake that hit Chile south of Santiago on February 27th, there were complications and closings in many Chilean businesses and points of transport in and around Santiago.  We had one student in Santiago at the time who we called instantly to check on, and he reported to us that he was fine and… Read more »