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Meet the School: Beijing’s Academic Director

My school is not a language school- it’s a culture exchange center, and also a big warm family.

Meet the School: Quito’s Student Coordinator

You can travel in just a few hours to other beautiful cities in the Andes, the Rainforest, the Coast, the Jungle, and of course, the wonderful Galapagos Islands.

Meet the School: Madrid’s Head of Studies

It is important to distinguish between client and student. As a teacher you should never see them as a client and a student in the class room should never behave as one.

Meet the School: Alicante’s Academic Coordinator

Enforex Alicante is located in a privileged location next to the promenade and the beach Postiguet in the historic center of town. The Mediterranean-style building, modern and spacious, seats 120 students. This gives it a unique identity.

Meet the School: Sevilla’s Academic Coordinator

“I think one of the biggest mistakes that often make when studying a language is not practicing for fear of making mistakes.”

Meet the School: Granada’s Head of Studies

It’s important to know that you are able to learn from people of different nationalities – this will lead to incredible personal enrichment.

Meet the School: Montreal’s School Director

“Our levels are correlated to the European Framework, so students can continue their language learning even after they leave. After almost 50 years of welcoming students to our cities, listening to their feedback and evolving with the times, we’ve been able to build our reputation as one of the best language schools in Canada.”

Meet the School: Salamanca’s Head of Studies

In addition to everything offered by the school, Salamanca also offers a great learning environment, security, tranquility, possibility to relate easily with others to live in an outdoor museum, and breathe, feel and notice history, art and culture.

Meet the School: Paris’ Managing Director

The school’s philosophy is based on one very simple point: quality. The quality of the premises, quality of information, quality of the courses, quality of accommodation, quality of the contact between us and our partners, quality of contact with all our + 5,000 students/clients, quality of all our services and all we do at the school.

Meet the University: Barcelona International College

I started working in study abroad right after I graduated from college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life so I decided to get a job in what I knew I loved and what made a difference in my life – Study Abroad. It combined my passions for travel, language learning and exploring new cultures.