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Study Portuguese in Salvador

The school, just 5 minutes from the beach, is a relaxing, quiet getaway with plenty of room to unwind and study. There are so many great things about this location, you’ll never want to leave!

Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Fundraisers can submit their story and goal and then use AmeriSpan buttons on their website or blog to share with friends and family that link to their very own fundraising story and page.

Volunteer Placement Preparation in Nepal

“Glenn/’Ganesh’ is working at Bishwa Shiksha Sadan in Maijubahal, Chabahil, Kathmandu. He moved to his placement site on Sunday.”

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

Any traveler planning a trip abroad is wise to make all of the necessary preparations before leaving on their trip, but now there is a way to be even more prepared and ready for anything.

Cultural Classes in Nepal

“He had to buy some local items at a nearby market using local transportation. He very much enjoyed it and felt very independent – it really helped build his confidence.”

Studying Arabic in Egypt During a Crisis

“When traveling abroad, we strongly urge our participants to avoid political protests, labor strikes and other confrontational gatherings. This is the case whether in Europe, Asia, Latin America or Africa.”

Travel Tip: Ultimate Guides

While AmeriSpan is always looking for our own tips to share on our website, newsletters, and blog posts, we like to point you in the direction of some other seasoned travel professionals once in a while!

Travel Tip: Dealing With Travel Headaches

AmeriSpan is always on the lookout for tips and tricks to pass along, and this recent article and collection of links put together by our friends at Smarter Travel will help you decide your plan of action when faced with delays or inclement weather.

Travel Tip: Traveling Safely in Mexico

AmeriSpan offers many locations at which you can safely study abroad in Mexico, but it's always good to review some basic safety tips, no matter where you are going!  One of our favorite sites, Smarter Traveler, has compiled a helpful list of tips for traveling in Mexico safely here: Traveling Safely in Mexico

On-Screen Spanish Translation: Welcome to the Future!

This invention would be a perfect accessory for the language traveler abroad. We tested the application ourselves, and you’ve truly got to see it to believe it!