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Learning Spanish in Spain – Language diversity in Spain

Even though many people who study Spanish might not know, there is more than one version of Spanish spoken in Spain. There is a variety of languages and dialects to be encountered when traveling from north to south and from west to east that are influenced by the various cultures and languages of invaders during… Read more »

Why travel abroad as a student?

There are many reasons in favor of spending time abroad during studies. Besides the already mentioned advantages of travel, there are also many financial benefits for students: 1) Anyone who wants to do an internship or a semester abroad can seek support from the Erasmus community. You can get financial support but also discounts. For… Read more »

Water Sports at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

For those who want to learn Spanish in Mexico and at the same time do sports and relax, Playa del Carmen is the ideal place to go. With its beautiful beaches and nature, this holiday destination is ideal for all who are looking to enjoy a healthy bit of relaxing during a Spanish course or… Read more »

Before traveling abroad

Things you should do before you leave: 1 ) Before you travel on your own in another country, it is always advisable to visit the website of the Foreign Office. They know the specifics of each country and can tell you what to look out for. 2 ) If a visa is required, it must… Read more »

Why travel abroad?

travelers abroad

There are many advantages to spending time abroad. It provokes the increase of self confidence; it sees the reassessment of one’s own culture and arouses the intrigue in the exotic, the alien, the foreign. Here are some of the most widely acknowledged benefits of travelling abroad:   1) The greatest advantage of a longer stay… Read more »

New York Times: 36 Hours in San Sebastian

While there, you can explore the San Telmo Museoa, design a shirt at Kukuxumusu, stroll along its beautiful beaches, and so much more! You’ll have to see it to believe it!

Reflections on Coronado

We also ate a typical Costa Rican dish called casado. Casado contains the following: rice and beans(arroz con frijoles), salad(ensalada), and a chose of meat.

Meet the Student: Cusco Spanish School

I was introduced to the study abroad program through my travels abroad, meeting people and visiting schools. I joined the program because after growing up overseas, I wanted to continue my studies in a foreign environment.

Preparations for Semana Santa

My house dad, Reiner, is the events coordinator for his church in the town of Cubujuqui, which abuts Heredia to the West.

AmeriSpan’s New Budget Spanish School in Buenos Aires, Argentina

One student loved his experience here so much, he used his multimedia expertise to make a “mini-documentary” about this school for future students!