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La Comida

“No matter what I eat for lunch, I can always expect a great dinner when I get home. Mi madre, Cinthya, cooks the best food, no matter what it is. Everything comes with rice, of course, but the meals range from soups to quesadillas to pork chops.”

Teenager Junior Immersion Heredia Interview, Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger, Johanna G. had a great time on her Heredia Junior Immersion program! She did an excellent job asking questions of her classmates about their experiences at school, favorite Costa Rican foods and more!

Sámara Tourist Board & Community Development Organization

This site can help you find your way around Samara and give you important information about the area. It’s also a charitable organization that gives back to the community!

HuffPo’s ‘Costa Rica and the Quest for Pura Vida’

“How did Costa Ricans fend off the miners, loggers, farmers, burners, developers and others who have felled and flattened rainforests around the world? How did they trick time?”

Food and Cooking Classes

A casado often includes rice, beans, meat (or cheese if you prefer), with vegetables. Platanos (or plantains) are a common side.

Meet the School: Alajuela School Staff

Meet Yamileth Sequeira and Rosy Garcia, staff members at AmeriSpan’s Alajuela Spanish school in Costa Rica as they provide short descriptions of their involvement at the school.

Carrillos Alto

When you’re coming from northern Wisconsin where snow piles up nearly 6 feet high, it’s hard to prepare yourself for a country whose winter is about the same temperature as your summer.

Reflections on Coronado

We also ate a typical Costa Rican dish called casado. Casado contains the following: rice and beans(arroz con frijoles), salad(ensalada), and a chose of meat.

A Typical Day

My Mama Tica and I regularly exchange our thanks: “Gracias por ayduarme,” she will say, and I will respond with “Gracias por la cena.”

Adventures in Costa Rica

oon I was cruising across the sand at 60 miles per hour, splashing through the surf, and entirely alone except for a few groups of large carrion birds that looked like vultures, munching on the remains of dead turtles too heavy to carry away.