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Semana Santa Celebrations

Semana Santa, as I mentioned previously, is a week-long holiday for the vast majority of the country. There are basically three activities for this time period: involvement in church activities, including preparations, prayers, masses and processions; sitting at home and relaxing or doing nothing; or going to the beach.

Preparations for Semana Santa

My house dad, Reiner, is the events coordinator for his church in the town of Cubujuqui, which abuts Heredia to the West.

Introduction and First Impressions

I did know a bit about Costa Rica before coming here, principally that it is the wealthiest of Central American countries, has a stable government, is safe, and it is rumored to have gorgeous girls. Within
the first couple of days, all of these things have been verified for me.

More Than Language Lessons

This is a great example of the many cultural lessons I’ve received in the study abroad programs that I have participated in through Amerispan. What I love most about these programs is their unique approach; you can live with locals, cook regional cuisines, and learn fantastic new dance moves.

Tips for Going into the Rainforest

Be open to adventure. Your guide might suggest that you try eating lemon ants, swinging from a vine, or fishing for piranha. Trust in them and experience something you can’t anywhere else in the world.

Former Contest Winner’s Experience in Heredia

That’s not just some random guy on any old beach – that’s our trip guide waving down a snorkel crew so we can check out Isla Tortuga (which surprisingly enough has more fish than turtles).

Striving to Be More “Tranquila”

According to my Spanish-English dictionary, the adjective tranquilo/a means calm or relaxed. It could be used to describe a person, e.g. Ella esta tranquila.

Weekend Excursion: Monteverde Cloud Forest

I observed the very green countryside, full of trees, bushes and ferns. In this part of Costa Rica, it’s still the rainy – green – season. The dry – high – season begins around December.

Learning Spanish: Why Costa Rica is Popular

While in Flamingo Beach, one can explore the flawless natural white and black sand beaches, observe the unique wildlife and plant-life, practice their new Spanish with any of the well-educated nearby residents, and more!

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Monteverde, Costa Rica (video). Spanish immersion is most effective when you are relaxed and comfortable making Costa Rica one of AmeriSpan’s most popular destinations.