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Meet the School: Playa del Carmen’s Academic Coordinator

“Every week I enjoy the challenge of organizing the classes and meeting the objectives of our students and helping them meet their goals.”

Food and Cooking Classes

A casado often includes rice, beans, meat (or cheese if you prefer), with vegetables. Platanos (or plantains) are a common side.

Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala (Part Two) – Video

Today we bring you Part Two, which includes a tour of the ancient city of Tikal as well as the city of Chichicastenango.

Packing for Playa del Carmen

The essentials: shorts (lots of them), bathing suits, tank tops, and very light t-shirts, and for girls I recommend light sundresses or cover-ups. Fortunately, here in Playa, the style is more casual, and people aren’t quite as modest since most people spend their time in bathing suits anyways.

Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala (Part One) – Video

In Part One of this two-part video of Antigua, Guatemala, we discover some of the most notable sites of Antigua. Visit Lake Atitlan, Maximon “The Evil Saint”, a volcano tour, and much more! There is much to be discovered when you learn Spanish in Antigua!

Meet the School: Playa del Carmen’s Reservations, Information, and Front Desk

“I did a study abroad program in Mexico when I was 18 and it completely changed my life. What was originally meant to be a 5 week Spanish Program in Mexico has turned into a decade and counting…..”

The Final Week, Part 2

“The staff, fellow students and I had all grown fond of each other and they became like a second family to me.”

Starting SALUD in Buenos Aires

“The city of Buenos Aires is breathtaking. There is so much to see, do, and learn from the people living here. I am so blessed to have to opportunity to commit four months to a language and culture.”

You’re Going Where?!?

All these fears, both rational and irrational, have crossed my mind. Most are of my own creation, but some are the courtesy of helpful friends and family.

Meet the School: Alajuela School Staff

Meet Yamileth Sequeira and Rosy Garcia, staff members at AmeriSpan’s Alajuela Spanish school in Costa Rica as they provide short descriptions of their involvement at the school.