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Spanish for Teachers & Educators: 3 Favorites

One popular type of AmeriSpan Teacher and Education courses are our Maestro Spanish for Educators programs offered in Mexico and Costa Rica. AmeriSpan Maestro programs are for teachers and educators in all fields to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and regional culture, while learning about local teaching customs. These programs aid all educators with… Read more »

Teenager Study Abroad: 7 Things to Consider

When choosing a Teenager Study Abroad program for high school students it is important to do your research.  Here are 7 Things to Consider: 1. Level of Supervision – AmeriSpan offers 3 levels of supervision for Teenager programs. The Summer Camp programs are fully supervised. In Junior Immersion programs, Teens have to learn to balance… Read more »

Learning Arabic in Jordan: The Food

Want to learn Arabic? We recommend taking a close look at our program in Amman, Jordan.  I just returned from a trip to Jordan and will be blogging over the coming days and weeks about my experience. The bottom line, I highly recommend the school in Amman and the country of Jordan. Wow is what… Read more »

Learn Italian and the Tastes of Sicily

Italy, as you already know, is renowned for its unique traditional cooking methods and flavors that tie together the bounties of the Mediterranean and the fresh vegetables and spices of the countryside.  We regularly see commercials zooming in on red and white sauces, meats, and pastas being tossed onto a plate from an overflowing pot… Read more »

5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Ecuador

 Choosing a study abroad program can be overwhelming. Luckily, AmeriSpan Study Abroad is here to help! Today, we will look at five great reasons to study abroad in Ecuador. 1. Learn Spanish – Well yes, you already knew that! However, Ecuador is an excellent place to learn Spanish. Particularly if you are choosing an immersion… Read more »

Top 6 Ways to Stay in Touch During Study Abroad

Before you study abroad, take the time to figure out how you will keep in touch with friends and relatives back home, and in your host country as well. If your cell phone and cell phone carrier offer international service to your host country for reasonable rates, great! But if not, don’t despair. There are options out there!

Don’t go to Spain!

 Why would you go to a place that might entice you to stay forever? The people are far too generous and they have too much fun. Who wants the freedom to sit on the beach with a glass of sangria, to eat tapas after 10pm or make the last meal of the night breakfast? What… Read more »

Medical Spanish in Chile

 Looking for a SALUD Medical Spanish program?  Have you considered Santiago, Chile for a Medical Spanish course?  Santiago is becoming a very metropolitan and modern city. Many people who visit notice its clean streets, wonderful metro system and attractive skyline. The city has its beautiful and not so beautiful neighborhoods. The SALUD Medical Spanish program… Read more »

Spain Spanish Schools? … OMG!

Spain Spanish Schools was the term you just googled and “OMG” was your reaction when Google informed you that there are 8,700,000 results to your query. What are you going to do now?

Top 10 Inside Tips: India

 1. Buying & Bargaining. Shop owners insist that they are giving a variety of discounts to you and only you. i.e. the “Pretty Girl” discount,  “First Customer of the Day” discount, “Last Customer of the Day” discount, etc. You can easily spot “touters” after getting taken once or twice. Often times, the hotels and taxi/rickshaw… Read more »