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Spanish and Tastes of Peru: Getting To Cusco

“I want to learn as many languages as possible so that I have the flexibility to live, work, study, and travel in as many places as possible. With French, Spanish, and English you have a large portion of the world covered!”

Volunteer Abroad: House of Angels

“I had been in Buenos Aires for over a month now, studied as much Spanish as I possibly could, and now I was able to carry a simple conversation. I was ready to begin!”

Santiago Spanish School: Discovering Santiago

“This is the best advice I can give to those considering a program: Do your best not to fall back into speaking English even if you don’t know a lot of Spanish. The mother in the family I am staying with at the homestay does not know English and I am learning the most from this experience.”

Mexico Study Abroad: Exploring Guanajuato and Starting Classes

“I chose Guanajuato, Mexico because I had heard from my family as well as a friend who did a study abroad through the University de Guanajuato that this was a great town filled with educated people, beautiful buildings, and was safe for a woman traveling alone.”

France Study Abroad: Love and French

The people that I?ve met really enjoy knowing where you?re from and why you?re studying French, so make the most of it and practice your French with them!

Junior Immersion in Quito: Introduction

“The group is very diverse, 7 from Portland, Oregon, 1 from Washington D.C., 3 from Orlando, Florida, and 4 from California. Many kids came by themselves- only 2 people from Oregon were friends before the trip to Ecuador. Since everyone is new to each other, making new friends is easy.”

Volunteer in Honduras: Hondurian Life

Absolutely everything is in Spanish (the teachers don’t speak English!) and the classes are very small, so I am learning incredibly fast.

Learning Arabic in Morocco: Some Tips

“If you want to live frugally, then utilize the bus system, split taxis with two other people (three people maximum in local cabs), and calculate exchange rates. However, in general, al-Maghreb’s cost of living is low.”

Quito Junior Immersion: Excursion to Cloud Forest

“A cool thing I saw was crickets that let off bright lights that you could see throughout the forest. The tour ended with a discotheque where I practiced some of the salsa skills I learned from the lessons.”

SALUD Medical Spanish: First Days in Cusco!

“The main center of the city is the Plaza Del Armas and it is absolutely gorgeous! I want to go there every day and just take in the beautiful churches, fountains and parks. ”