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Packing for Playa del Carmen

The essentials: shorts (lots of them), bathing suits, tank tops, and very light t-shirts, and for girls I recommend light sundresses or cover-ups. Fortunately, here in Playa, the style is more casual, and people aren’t quite as modest since most people spend their time in bathing suits anyways.

The Final Week, Part 2

“The staff, fellow students and I had all grown fond of each other and they became like a second family to me.”

Starting SALUD in Buenos Aires

“The city of Buenos Aires is breathtaking. There is so much to see, do, and learn from the people living here. I am so blessed to have to opportunity to commit four months to a language and culture.”

You’re Going Where?!?

All these fears, both rational and irrational, have crossed my mind. Most are of my own creation, but some are the courtesy of helpful friends and family.

Introduction/Lima Hotel

“In just a little over a week I will be starting my journey to Cusco, Peru where I will be living for an entire month!”

First Days in Rabat

“Make sure you demonstrate to your host family that your are indeed grateful for them taking you in, despite the impersonal monetary exchange.”

Carrillos Alto

When you’re coming from northern Wisconsin where snow piles up nearly 6 feet high, it’s hard to prepare yourself for a country whose winter is about the same temperature as your summer.

First Days of Quito Junior Immersion

My second day at school and teen program was fun as well and I began to explore the city a bit more with my friends, learning about the prices in Quito and the culture and customs of Ecuador. I’m very excited for what lies ahead on this adventure!

Honduras, Here I Come!

We flew over clear blue rivers, lush green mountains, and little communities with only their street lamps on, and because the sun was setting, the sky was all shades of pink, purple, and orange. I will never forget that plane ride.

A Typical Day

My Mama Tica and I regularly exchange our thanks: “Gracias por ayduarme,” she will say, and I will respond with “Gracias por la cena.”