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Junior Immersion in Heredia: Las Esperas

In this video, Johanna videotapes a tour guide at a local museum discussing the mystery of “Las Spheras”, or “the spheres” that were found in the area long ago.

Coronado Independent Teen Program: Last Week

“I will never forget the people I have met or what the teachers at school have taught me.”

French in France: Croix-Rousse

“I live in an exceptionally beautiful part of Lyon called Croix-Rousse! There?s a farmer?s market every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it?s the most wonderful farmer?s market you could ever go to!”

Spanish and Skiing: Preparing for Santiago

“Living in Southern California, I know that learning Spanish will be a tremendous benefit to me as I enter the job market soon and therefore I thought going to Santiago, Chile would be the perfect learning/vacation opportunity to reward myself for all the hard work in law school and studying for the Bar.”

Spanish in Honduras: Spanish Classes and Teachers

“I feel really lucky to have such a good group of teachers and friends here in La Ceiba. I´ve made more friends in just a few weeks than I normally would in a year.”

Learning Spanish in Montevideo: Salads and Soccer

“You could hear fireworks going off and the people’s faces were great. They are fanatics. The Uruguayans say their religion is soccer.”

Spanish and Volunteering: Feeling Homesick in Sucre

“..there’s a traditional dance from Sucre where both of the dancing partners use a napkin like a scarf and everybody else claps. I don’t know the name for it, so I’ve dubbed it the ‘Napkin Dance’.”

Dominican Republic Study Abroad: Eleanor Arrives in Sosua

“I made it! After a flight to Miami and then another one to Puerto Plata, I am finally in Sosúa.”

La Ceiba Spanish School: Going With the Flow

“I’ve had fresh-squeezed orange juice before, but never from oranges that were just picked, and it was amazing.”

Volunteer in Guatemala: Social Work Organization

For those interested in basing themselves in Antigua for at least a few weeks, quality volunteer opportunities are extremely easy to come by.