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Rabat Arabic School: Excursion to The Sahara

“I believe this trip is a must-do if you are in Morocco, just make sure you always have water and are always well nourished nutritionally. The trip was educational, awe-inspiring, and unforgettable.”

Typical Day of Junior Immersion in Quito

“At 10:30, we have a half an hour break, during which I usually grab a pastry or some kind of snack from the school food stand. Then, for the second two hours of school, we do activities to practice what we learned earlier.”

Teenager Junior Immersion Heredia Interview, Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger, Johanna G. had a great time on her Heredia Junior Immersion program! She did an excellent job asking questions of her classmates about their experiences at school, favorite Costa Rican foods and more!

Getting Started in Montevideo

“The teachers are great. They are very patient and are able to give advice as to how to sound more fluent. I feel like I am learning quickly, but I am still adjusting to the accent. It is very pretty, but I am in the habit of forming the sounds differently.”

Off to Sosua in Less Than Two Weeks!

“The best part is that the school is close to the beach! I have the feeling most of my afternoons after Spanish classes with be spent on the beach.”

Bolivian Food

Today the soup was “sopa con arroz y papas fritas”. That’s right: rice and french fry soup. It’s apparently a favorite- my eleven-year-old host sister was super excited about it.

Tips for La Ceiba

I hope this helps at least one person out there! :) You’ll love Honduras. Buen viaje!

Tips for Guatemala Travel

It´s no surprise that it´s pretty easy to find almost anything you need, even for the most basic Spanish speaker. That said, there are a few essentials that I would highly recommend bringing from your home base.

A Costa Rica Birthday

I want to take a moment to think about the significance of tomorrow. Not only will I be departing a home that I have learned to love dearly over the past few weeks, but I will also be celebrating my birthday with them.

Food and Cooking Classes

A casado often includes rice, beans, meat (or cheese if you prefer), with vegetables. Platanos (or plantains) are a common side.