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Adventures in Costa Rica

oon I was cruising across the sand at 60 miles per hour, splashing through the surf, and entirely alone except for a few groups of large carrion birds that looked like vultures, munching on the remains of dead turtles too heavy to carry away.

Excursion to Mamita’s Beach

The sand is powdery, and the water is turquoise. It isn’t packed with people, and it’s easy enough to get food as well.

Helpful Additional Materials to Buy

Here are some items I purchased that have been really helpful on my travels!

The Final Week Part 1 – Morgan’s Farewell

We summited the top of Cerro San Santiago Cristobal, which is only about a 30 minute walk (on the way down) but took us about 2-3 hours on the way up…because we stopped for a picnic lunch..

Korean School Tour in Seoul

Sometimes watching a video of a city or school can give you insight that photos can’t! Tour AmeriSpan’s Seoul Korean school in the following video blog!

Resisting the Urge to Speak English

s it turns out, I packed my bags well, but perhaps neglected to pack my brain with a sufficient amount of Spanish to fully launch my learning from day one.

Semana Santa Celebrations

Semana Santa, as I mentioned previously, is a week-long holiday for the vast majority of the country. There are basically three activities for this time period: involvement in church activities, including preparations, prayers, masses and processions; sitting at home and relaxing or doing nothing; or going to the beach.

Starting Out in Sucre

“The center of the city’s beautiful, with flower gardens and white colonial buildings with red roofs. The buildings are all squished together like in San Francisco, but it’s a lot less city-like, somehow.”

Getting Ready for Montevideo!

“I thoroughly enjoy study abroad experiences because it is a sensory overload of new information, events, experiences, etc. and when I lay down at night my brain is tired from all of the excitement.”

Arrival and Introduction in Antigua

I arrived in Antigua about five days ago. Since then, I´ve had some time to explore some of the highlights of Antigua, get to know my homestay family (a single mom and two teenagers), and begin my Spanish study.