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Playa del Carmen Spanish School: Saying Goodbye

“I am 110% convinced that living in a culture that is not your own for at least a month is probably, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do to help yourself grow.”

Meet the School: Playa del Carmen’s Academic Coordinator

“Every week I enjoy the challenge of organizing the classes and meeting the objectives of our students and helping them meet their goals.”

Packing for Playa del Carmen

The essentials: shorts (lots of them), bathing suits, tank tops, and very light t-shirts, and for girls I recommend light sundresses or cover-ups. Fortunately, here in Playa, the style is more casual, and people aren’t quite as modest since most people spend their time in bathing suits anyways.

Meet the School: Playa del Carmen’s Reservations, Information, and Front Desk

“I did a study abroad program in Mexico when I was 18 and it completely changed my life. What was originally meant to be a 5 week Spanish Program in Mexico has turned into a decade and counting…..”

Excursion to Mamita’s Beach

The sand is powdery, and the water is turquoise. It isn’t packed with people, and it’s easy enough to get food as well.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Those of you who want to learn Spanish in Mexico might agree that this option is a no brainer – Mexico has something for everyone, and is inexpensive and close by.

Preparing to Leave

I have learned from my family, that only about 8 years ago, Playa del Carmen was nothing more than a fishing village with only a few paved streets.

Studying Spanish Safely in Playa del Carmen

Everyone has always told me, “Don’t eat anything from those places! You’ll get sick!!”. However, a lot of people also told me, “Don’t go to Mexico! You’ll get kidnapped”.

Sea Turtles and Spanish Practice

If you are considering studying abroad in Mexico, I highly recommend Playa del Carmen. It is close to many major attractions in Mexico, has beautiful beaches, many options for shopping, and food with a more local feeling than you might get in some other places in Mexico.

To Homestay or Not Homestay..

My mom only speaks Spanish which forces me to put to use what I learn in school, even if I am not confident on a word, and she corrects me when I say things incorrectly in the nice way that only mothers are able to do.