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Chile Study Abroad: Feeling Comfortable Speaking Spanish

By William P., Chile study abroad participant studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago Today was my second day and I was still very frustrated that I was having trouble understanding even the basic words that I know I should remember from high school or that I know on paper.  However, at least I was starting… Read more »

Santiago Spanish School: Discovering Santiago

“This is the best advice I can give to those considering a program: Do your best not to fall back into speaking English even if you don’t know a lot of Spanish. The mother in the family I am staying with at the homestay does not know English and I am learning the most from this experience.”

Spanish and Skiing: Preparing for Santiago

“Living in Southern California, I know that learning Spanish will be a tremendous benefit to me as I enter the job market soon and therefore I thought going to Santiago, Chile would be the perfect learning/vacation opportunity to reward myself for all the hard work in law school and studying for the Bar.”

Spanish and Skiing: The Great People I’ve Met

“There are so many amazing people that I have come to know through the school. I have learned with, taught with, traveled with, ate with, danced with, drank with, skiied/snowboarded with and GROWN with throughout my four weeks as I made my school my home away from home.”

The Final Week, Part 2

“The staff, fellow students and I had all grown fond of each other and they became like a second family to me.”

My Extended Chilean Family

This, plus the company, plus the red wine, white wine, and pisco after a full day of snowboarding ‘powpow’ (powdery snow) with gringos was just what the doctor ordered!

Snowboarding in Valle Nevado and El Colorado!

So, since my first trip since I got lost-ish at El Colorado, I have returned to El Colorado, and visited Valley Nevado twice.

Sample Day of Class in Santiago

By Jonathon L., guest blogger studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago, Chile Sample Day of class, and despite not sleeping much the night before, and the mild 'terremoto' in my head, it was a pretty awesome lesson overall. First Hour: 9ish-10:30ish:  Class starts with the profesor (profe for short) asking us what we did last… Read more »

My First Chilean Ski Trip: Trial and Error

By Jonathon L., guest blogger studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago, Chile WHAT A TRIP IT WAS!!!  So the day started with me waking up at about 6:40 in the morning to my Chilean Mama with my breakfast ready to go, and tea!!! I dragged my bag (with wheels) the 30 minutes to my school… Read more »

Starting School in Santiago

By Jonathon L., guest blogger studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago, Chile On my first day of school, I took a test to determine which Spanish class was appropriate for me. After the test, I played table football (foosball) when I was waiting for test results. Moments later, the secretary told me to go to… Read more »