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Spanish Study Abroad: The Dogs of Honduras

By Guest Blogger Liz L., Spanish study abroad participant blogging from La Ceiba, Honduras In every third world country I’ve visited, dogs have been a large part of life. Dogs guard houses, dogs offer companionship and sometimes, dogs even provide food. Honduras is no different – every house has at least one guard dog and… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain: Bella’s Spain Tour – Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger Bella L. recently returned from an incredible AmeriSpan trip to four different locations after deciding she wanted to learn Spanish in Madrid and expand on her immersion with a multi-site program. Check out her first video after the jump to see part of her experience in Madrid! Find out more about Spain study… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Cusco: Visit Machu Picchu – Video

You simply cannot learn Spanish in Cusco without a trip to one of the world’s most prized cultural and archaelogical sites: Machu Picchu.

Learning Spanish in Heredia: Final Thoughts

“I have not only grown as a person, but I have also realized how much I want Spanish to continue to have a place in my life.”

Costa Rica Study Abroad: Tips for Traveling to Samara Beach

Costa Rica tends to be pretty clean and laid back, in fact its motto is “Pura vida!” or, loosely translated, “Live life to the fullest!”.

Spanish and Tastes of Peru: Getting To Cusco

“I want to learn as many languages as possible so that I have the flexibility to live, work, study, and travel in as many places as possible. With French, Spanish, and English you have a large portion of the world covered!”

Mexico Spanish Schools in CNN’s “Top 5 Cities in Mexico”

Recently CNN released its “Top 5 Cities in Mexico” list, where three cities home to AmeriSpan’s Mexico Spanish schools are located.

Volunteer Abroad: House of Angels

“I had been in Buenos Aires for over a month now, studied as much Spanish as I possibly could, and now I was able to carry a simple conversation. I was ready to begin!”

Santiago Spanish School: Discovering Santiago

“This is the best advice I can give to those considering a program: Do your best not to fall back into speaking English even if you don’t know a lot of Spanish. The mother in the family I am staying with at the homestay does not know English and I am learning the most from this experience.”

Learn Spanish in Denia: City Tour – Video

Denia is without a doubt a great way to combine your Spain study abroad with the comforts and excitement of an exotic European getaway.