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Learn French in Lyon: The 14th of July!

The 14th of July in France is like the 4th of July in the USA (except they celebrate a different independence, of course!).

Salud Medical Spanish in Buenos Aires: First Week

“This is my first immersion experience, and I can honestly say that immersion is the ONLY WAY to get a language. I am forced to speak in Spanish all day, and it is pushing me to learn quickly.”

Junior Immersion Heredia Interview, Part 2 – Video

A few weeks ago, we posted guest blogger Johanna G.’s first entry, Teenager Junior Immersion Heredia Interview, Part 1 – Video. Check out the second installment of her student interviews below!

Antigua Spanish School: Combating Awkwardness

“A sweet-faced woman came rushing down the dizzying steps that led to her home. The driver smiled and informed me, ‘Su nueva madre’.”

First Week of Coronado Independent Teen Program

“The teachers are nice and helpful. They have one goal and that is to teach us as much Spanish as they can and help us learn about Costa Rican culture as well as other Latin American cultures in today’s society.”

New Residence at Sevilla Spanish School

Located close to the Plaza de la Encarnación, this residence is a great place to unwind and study between classes and exploring Sevilla. Nearby are restaurants, bars, a farmer’s market, and newly opened Metropol Parasol.

Halloween Special – Save $150

See the latest AmeriSpan Update and learn how to save $150 on any of our programs by taking advantage of the Halloween special.

Teenager Summer Camp in Valencia, Spain – Video

Where better to send your teen to study Spanish than AmeriSpan’s Valencia Summer Camp? In Valencia, teens can enjoy fun in the sun, cultural explorations, and more between classes.

Rabat Arabic School: Excursion to The Sahara

“I believe this trip is a must-do if you are in Morocco, just make sure you always have water and are always well nourished nutritionally. The trip was educational, awe-inspiring, and unforgettable.”

La Comida

“No matter what I eat for lunch, I can always expect a great dinner when I get home. Mi madre, Cinthya, cooks the best food, no matter what it is. Everything comes with rice, of course, but the meals range from soups to quesadillas to pork chops.”