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Interview with a Fellow Student

One of the most exciting parts of studying a language abroad is meeting other students from all over the world who share common goals. They can help you practice and get comfortable with speaking your new language, and make great sightseeing partners.

Introduction and First Impressions

I did know a bit about Costa Rica before coming here, principally that it is the wealthiest of Central American countries, has a stable government, is safe, and it is rumored to have gorgeous girls. Within
the first couple of days, all of these things have been verified for me.

Studying Spanish in Morelia: An Introduction

Here is an introduction to Lamont D., a very enthusiastic blogger newly landed in Morelia, Mexico. Here, he shares a bit about himself and what he hopes to get out of his program!

Striving to Be More “Tranquila”

According to my Spanish-English dictionary, the adjective tranquilo/a means calm or relaxed. It could be used to describe a person, e.g. Ella esta tranquila.

Studying Italian in Italy

I cannot wait to go back, the people there were the nicest and most helpful when I asked for any information on where I wanted to go. I would do this trip all over again, and enjoy it even more the second time around!

Miercoles Po!

“We hopped in a cab to meet up with the rest of the language school peeps to dance the night away in Mita Urbano, a clublike bar that had expensive drinks, crowded dance floors, and high energy music (Regatone/Chilean Top 40); basically, I was in heaven.”

Korea’s Royal Procession

See Korea’s Royal Court Procession for yourself!

Preparing to Leave

I have learned from my family, that only about 8 years ago, Playa del Carmen was nothing more than a fishing village with only a few paved streets.

Kayaking the Hondurian Wilderness

We looked up and saw a huge monkey staring down at us from the branches. The monkey howled at us again and a second monkey climbed up near him. Hector responded to the monkey´s call and a second monkey answered from somewhere deep within the jungle.

Weather (And What Not To Wear)

If you like to be in fashion, just leave your shorts and your athletic sneakers at home. If you don?t care about fashion, sure, no don?ts for you! Work those sneakers and see if you can start a fashion trend!