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Water Sports at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

For those who want to learn Spanish in Mexico and at the same time do sports and relax, Playa del Carmen is the ideal place to go. With its beautiful beaches and nature, this holiday destination is ideal for all who are looking to enjoy a healthy bit of relaxing during a Spanish course or… Read more »

New York Times: “Old Montreal, Newly Hip”

Want to study French in a posh city closer to home? Many major cities feature an “old town” or “old city” that undergoes the occasional renaissance period, and Old Montreal is currently experiencing a very fashionable period, so says New York Times Travel writer Michael Kaminer. Rue St. Paul is now home to several high… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Cusco: Visit Machu Picchu – Video

You simply cannot learn Spanish in Cusco without a trip to one of the world’s most prized cultural and archaelogical sites: Machu Picchu.

Costa Rica Study Abroad: Tips for Traveling to Samara Beach

Costa Rica tends to be pretty clean and laid back, in fact its motto is “Pura vida!” or, loosely translated, “Live life to the fullest!”.

Mexico Spanish Schools in CNN’s “Top 5 Cities in Mexico”

Recently CNN released its “Top 5 Cities in Mexico” list, where three cities home to AmeriSpan’s Mexico Spanish schools are located.

BBC News: The Cult of the Hyperpolyglot

“It is suggested that polyglots share a certain common neurological thread that allows them to process so many languages, but one thing is for sure – putting in the work to learn them can pay off.”

Learn Spanish in Denia: City Tour – Video

Denia is without a doubt a great way to combine your Spain study abroad with the comforts and excitement of an exotic European getaway.

Learn Spanish in San Juan, Puerto Rico – Video

Check out the video after the jump to get a first-person look at what San Juan’s all about.

CNN’s “Top 5 Cities in Central & South America”

Argentina_Buenos_Aires_Highlights_000Last week, we reposted an article about CNN’s list of top European cities, and this week we’re focusing on a similar piece on the top five cities in Central and South America.

CNN Names 10 Best Cities in Europe; AmeriSpan Schools in 6

CNN made a another list. and this time it’s a list of the top ten cities in Europe. Sure enough, several AmeriSpan locations have again made the list!