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Learn Spanish in Santiago, Chile – Video

Santiago is modern, incredible city with unparalleled mountain views, a bustling metropolitan area, and plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature, beach excursions and the arts.

AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Petra in Jordan

Petra is an archeaological treasure: it is essentially an entire city carved into stone, complete with water conduits.

AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Carnivale and Portuguese in Salvador, Brazil

Carnivale is a four-day celebration and giant parade full of elaborate masks, costumes and floats. It is most famously held on the streets of Rio de Janiero, but is also celebrated in Salvador.

High School Study Abroad Radio Interview, Part 2 – Video

AmeriSpan’s Teenager Summer Abroad programs are carefully organized with teens and parents in mind.

College Study Abroad: Barcelona’s Calcotada Festival – Video

While studying in Barcelona, students can explore the beach, nightlife, and incredible different cultures abundant throughout the city.

Radio Interview about Teenager Programs, Part 1 – Video

Recently, AmeriSpan Study Abroad staff members Beth Lieberman and John Slocum were interviewed by Dr. Richard and Jane Horowitz, owners of Growing Great Relationships.

Americans Choosing to Study Abroad in Record Numbers

The most popular study abroad locations are Britain, Italy, Spain, France, and China, with an increasingly global economy cited as the reason students are looking to give their resume the competitive edge of study abroad experience.

Learn Spanish & Follow Baseball

As an avid baseball “béisbol” fan, there are many ways I can tie this into keeping my Spanish fresh.

New Residence at Sevilla Spanish School

Located close to the Plaza de la Encarnación, this residence is a great place to unwind and study between classes and exploring Sevilla. Nearby are restaurants, bars, a farmer’s market, and newly opened Metropol Parasol.

Sámara Tourist Board & Community Development Organization

This site can help you find your way around Samara and give you important information about the area. It’s also a charitable organization that gives back to the community!