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Peru Spanish Schools Close-up

Ever wondered what the advantages would be to choosing one of AmeriSpan’s Peru Spanish schools for your Spanish immersion program?

Cultural Events at our Taormina-Sicily Italian School

AmeriSpan’s Taormina-Sicily Italian school is incredibly well-received by all students, and internationally recognized (It’s is a fellow LTM Star winner!).

Meet the Fundraiser: Dhara K.

“No matter how much planning you do, you’re simply going to have to dive in, head first, and take the experience as it comes. Remember to bring pictures of your friends and family, of important events—graduation, parties, etc.—from home so that the people you meet and the friends you make abroad can know your story as well.”

Meet the School: Guanajuato’s Head of Studies

Meet Pedro Rodríguez Valladares, Head of Studies at AmeriSpan's Guanajuato Spanish school What is your background? I am 42 years old, and I have a degree in Human Communication and my MA in Psychoanalytic Theory. I live on the outskirts of Guanajuato in a truly peaceful area. My family has a Pug dog named "Fito… Read more »

More Than Language Lessons

This is a great example of the many cultural lessons I’ve received in the study abroad programs that I have participated in through Amerispan. What I love most about these programs is their unique approach; you can live with locals, cook regional cuisines, and learn fantastic new dance moves.

A Scavenger Hunt in Ireland

He asked us, What instruments do you play?? I told him I play piano, and sometimes I can sing so high it sounds like I’m screaming.

South African Adventure

We met some of the tiny babies and then the older children when they got back from school. All the babies and children were so happy to meet us and were reaching towards us.

Captivating Cartagena

Once the crown of the Spanish empire, Cartagena invites visitors to wander its streets and explore its rich history.

Tips for Going into the Rainforest

Be open to adventure. Your guide might suggest that you try eating lemon ants, swinging from a vine, or fishing for piranha. Trust in them and experience something you can’t anywhere else in the world.

Former Contest Winner’s Experience in Heredia

That’s not just some random guy on any old beach – that’s our trip guide waving down a snorkel crew so we can check out Isla Tortuga (which surprisingly enough has more fish than turtles).