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Meet the Fundraiser: Halina C.

I come from a pretty small town in the Bay Area, and Naples was a bit overwhelming with 3 million people. I was a little intimidated at first, but eased right into everyday life after my first couple days of school.

Meet the Fundraiser: Renee S.

I wrote various companies with questions about the program and AmeriSpan gave the best responses and took the time to answer every question.

Best Study Abroad Destinations

Studying abroad as many know is a neccesity.  There are many recomendations on where to go and why.  AmeriSpan's number one recommendation is to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Our programs integrate Spanish classes, a wide variety of electives taught in English, after-class activities, excursions and… no classes on Friday, ever! The best value in… Read more »

Spanish Language Resources

Games are an especially valuable resource, as they’re fun and encourage the repetition of new vocabulary.

Meet the Fundraiser: Lucie C.

I didn’t want to be pushy but I did want them to be able to donate if they wanted to, so I just told them what I was doing and then said, “If you want to help me…” When people donate, I send them a handmade thank-you card.

Why Spanish Immersion?

There are lots of ways to learn new languages. Is Spanish immersion a good option?

Learning Spanish: Why Costa Rica is Popular

While in Flamingo Beach, one can explore the flawless natural white and black sand beaches, observe the unique wildlife and plant-life, practice their new Spanish with any of the well-educated nearby residents, and more!

Study Spanish in Sosua

The communities along Sosua’s coast take work and play very seriously, and you’ll find that Sosua is a sunny and unforgettable place for Spanish immersion!

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Monteverde, Costa Rica (video). Spanish immersion is most effective when you are relaxed and comfortable making Costa Rica one of AmeriSpan’s most popular destinations.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica in Jaco Beach

If your interested in learning Spanish in Costa Rica, we suggest that you consider one of our programs in Jaco Beach. How about Spanish & Surfing or Digital Photography. Here is a video about the Jaco Beach programs. To see all, go here: Jaco Beach Spanish courses.