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Museum Hopping in Seoul

By Josephine K., guest blogger studying Korean in Seoul Nothing to do in Seoul?  Check out a museum! Seoul is such a busy city that it's hard to find yourself with nothing to do.  However, if you are ever stuck I recommend spending the day at one of the MANY museums.  There are museums dedicated… Read more »

Volunteering and Discovering Wildlife in Bolivia

For those considering volunteer work and/or language immersion in South America, Volunteering in Bolivia might not be first option to come to mind, but AmeriSpan has sent many a volunteer to Sucre who return with a positive report and plenty of enthusiasm.  One such volunteer was our esteemed guest blogger Alison B., whose insight will… Read more »

Language Levels and Activities at the French School in Lyon

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France Basic (4/hours a day in the morning): Every student at the school has a morning class for four hours a day (starting at 9 a.m.), and there are several levels: debutant (starter), beginner, beginner plus, intermediate, and advanced. (Note: the beginner class is really what would… Read more »

A Tour of the Junior Immersion School in Heredia

By Niki W., guest video blogger at the Teen Junior Immersion program in Heredia, Costa Rica. In this video, Niki W. takes us on a tour through the Junior Immersion program's Spanish school in Heredia. For more information on this program go to Teen Junior Immersion in Heredia, Costa Rica See Spanish programs in Heredia… Read more »

Starting School in Santiago

By Jonathon L., guest blogger studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago, Chile On my first day of school, I took a test to determine which Spanish class was appropriate for me. After the test, I played table football (foosball) when I was waiting for test results. Moments later, the secretary told me to go to… Read more »

Teenager Summer Camp in Vienna, Austria

By Lauren S., guest video blogger from AmeriSpan's Teen program in Vienna, Austria For details about studying in Vienna, see Studying German in Austria See all of Lauren's video blogs from Vienna    

Last Week in Montevideo

By Angela B., AmeriSpan Delegate, studying Spanish in Uruguay Ok, so we went to Buenos Aires….excelente!!!!  It was me, another kid from the states and 2 Brazilians.   This city is absolutely amazing!! We had soooo much fun and we stayed in a hostel downtown.  We hung out with people from literally all over the world…Italy, Spain… Read more »

Getting Acquainted with Playa del Carmen

By Alisa W., guest blogger studying Spanish in Playa del Carmen, Mexico After spending four days here in Playa, I have become comfortable in mi casa, and in the town.  I have met many, many people from many different places including Japan, Canada, Holland, Germany, Brazil, and even Australia.  Last night mi y mi amigos… Read more »

Seoul Searching: Discovering the City of Seoul, Korea

By Melissa E., guest video blogger studying Korea in Seoul, Korea For details about studying Korean, see Korean School in Seoul See all of Melissa's blogs from Seoul    

First Week in Peru

By Miki S., guest blogger, Cusco SALUD participant and AmeriSpan Delegate Scholar. It’s been one week since I’ve arrived in Peru but I have honestly done so much already…. The Sunday of my arrival, my family took me to the Plaza de Armas (the heart of Cusco) where we saw a mini-festival, rather a competition,… Read more »