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New Location: Spanish Partner School Pichilemu, Chile!

We are always working hard to ensure that we are only partnering with the best language schools around the world, and to always be expanding your options of where to study.  Today, we are excited to announce the newest addition to AmeriSpan’s locations, Pichilemu, Chile!

Guatemala School Safe

We would just like to take this opportunity to relay to our friends and students that our partner school in Antigua, Guatemala has contacted us regarding flooding in the country last week.  Currently, Antigua and the path from the city to the airport is in great shape, but roads to the Pacific region and the… Read more »

Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine

How wonderful would it be to learn about traditional Brazilian food while studying Portuguese in Brazil?  Our weekly "Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine" course allows you to do both of these things and more while staying in the lovely city of Salvador!

Meet ‘Pink Pangea: The First Online Community for Women Travelers’

AmeriSpan likes to keep up with the latest trends in travel resources and blogs, and we know that our students, primarily those who are female, like to travel safely.  So when Pink Pangea came to us looking to recruit female bloggers who have experienced volunteering in another country, we knew it would be beneficial to… Read more »

Study Abroad in the World’s Best Countries

Newsweek recently published a study of health, education, economy, and politics to rank the world's top countries. Go to Newsweek's Interactive Map.  How do AmeriSpan's study abroad locations stack up? Overall#2 Switzerland: Overall, if you would like to experience the country that ranks #2 on Newsweek's list, study abroad in Switzerland. With a 99% literacy… Read more »

Celebrate Oktoberfest: 15% Off all German Programs

From September 18 through October 3rd, the world-famous Oktoberfest celebrations take over the city of Munich, Germany: the city's mayor taps the first keg and then people from around the world raise their steins in unison and enjoy some of Germany's finest beer!

Study Spanish in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Itching to study Spanish at a location in Mexico that's safe and tourist-friendly but isn't an uncomfortably flashy beach resort town?  Then San Miguel de Allende may be just the spot for you!

Summer NOW!

If you've already received a copy of last week's newsletter then you have already heard, but for those of you who haven't, AmeriSpan is encouraging last-minute summer registrations!  Sad you missed out on studying abroad this summer?  There's still time! All  you have to do is register for any program starting before Labor Day and… Read more »

Beat the Heat!

  There's a heat wave storming through the USA, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of more reasonable climes abroad!  There are so many great places to go when the heat becomes unbearable, and AmeriSpan can help you find the best place possible to beat the heat!

New “Re-Entry: Need to Know” E-Report!

AmeriSpan loves seeing perspective, current, and registered students alike taking full advantage of our free e-Reports!  Our "19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes", "Ultimate Guide to Packing", and "Predeparture Guide" are the most popular downloadable tools at the moment.  They are proving to be a valuable resource for studying languages and traveling abroad. But, until now,… Read more »