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A Taste of Christmas in Germany

Christmas is celebrated differently in every country, and this time we’re in Germany… Advent is a very important part of Christmas in Germany; typical celebrations start on the 6th December with Nikolaustag (St Nicholas’ Day). The night before, children leave their freshly shined boots outside their doors to wake up to them filled with candy… Read more »

Amerispan Actfl Fair in Philadephia

ACTFL is an acronym that stands for American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The aim of this organization is to provide a way of testing the ability of foreign language speakers. The language levels are broken down into four sections: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. In turn, these four sections are subdivided into… Read more »

3 Best destinations to learn Spanish

If you’re serious about learning Spanish, then the best thing you can do is to spend some time in a Spanish-speaking country. Immersing yourself in the Spanish language and culture is arguably the only way to achieve fluency and confidence in the foreign language. There are 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world so it’s impossible… Read more »

Best schools in Italy

Italian universities Everyone knows that Italy has the tastiest pizza, the richest coffee and the creamiest gelato but not many people know that some Italian universities are among the world’s best ever. For example, the University of Bologna is the highest ranked university in Italy whilst Sapienza University of Rome ranks as the 190th best… Read more »

Five best schools in France

It is a well known fact that France has one of the best schooling systems in the world. According to recent research, French students are more likely to face up to a challenge, pay close attention to the rules, produce high quality work and consequently achieve academic success. It is unsurprising then, that an increasing… Read more »

Amerispan in the New York Times

Amerispan recently featured in the New York Times! An article entitled “Single for the Holidays” by Stephanie Rosenbloom discussed in depth the benefits of travelling alone as well as some of the best solo traveler destinations. It seems that Rosenbloom is experienced in the field of “flying solo” and would recommend it for the following… Read more »

Have you ever thought about going to Argentina?

Have you ever thought about going to Argentina? As the fourth biggest country in America, it has some of the best tourist attractions of the whole continent. How can you not be excited about going to the land of Tango and Mate (herbal drink); with breathtaking scenery and spectacular cities? The chance to enjoy long… Read more »

The USA’s top 10 Spanish-speaking holiday destinations

1)    Machu Picchu, Peru Machu Picchu (Old Mountain) is an old Inca city in the Peruvian Andes. Being one of the most famous ruins in the world, this touristic destination, at 8.000 ft high, is the number one attraction for American travelers. 2)    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador This volcanic island in Ecuador accommodates various habitats and… Read more »

Learning Spanish in Spain – Language diversity in Spain

Even though many people who study Spanish might not know, there is more than one version of Spanish spoken in Spain. There is a variety of languages and dialects to be encountered when traveling from north to south and from west to east that are influenced by the various cultures and languages of invaders during… Read more »

Before traveling abroad

Things you should do before you leave: 1 ) Before you travel on your own in another country, it is always advisable to visit the website of the Foreign Office. They know the specifics of each country and can tell you what to look out for. 2 ) If a visa is required, it must… Read more »