Learn Arabic in Tetouan, Morocco – Video

Morocco_Tetouan_students_groupLearning Arabic in Tetouan, Morocco is a fantastic option for the Arabic student seeking a comfortable or luxurious setting. Tetouan is a coastal Moroccan city and abundant with resorts, fine dining and the like. A mere one hour ferry ride from the coast of Spain, visitors can enjoy the old town, reminiscent of Moorish, Jewish and Spanish influence, or take a walk on el Paseo, a popular street with lots to do. See the video after the jump to learn about AmeriSpan's Tetouan partner school.

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Volunteer in Honduras: Hondurian Life

Laceiba_horseBy Lucie C., a guest blogger volunteering in Honduras

Life in Honduras is very different than in Austin, Texas where I live. l've gotten into a routine, though, so I know (more or less) what to expect each day. Every morning my alarm wakes me up at 6:30 am. Then I take a shower and get dressed in the privacy of my own little bedroom. I am served breakfast around 7:00 by one of the girls who lives in the house. Breakfasts vary greatly. Some mornings is fruit like mango or watermelon, some mornings it is hot oatmeal, some mornings it is a tortilla with beans and cheese, and some mornings it is pancakes ("panqueques" en espanol). They also have cold cereal here, but only cornflakes! Literally, there is a whole isle in the grocery store dedicated to cornflakes, and I haven't seen any other kind of cereal. It makes me laugh. :) Then I walk to school, which is only about five minutes away from my house. The view is gorgeous. There are giant, colorful flowers everywhere, and the mountains are just behind me.

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New York Times’ “36 Hours in Hamburg”

Colon Hamburg - Excursions - 01Last week, we highlighted the New York Times' "36 Hours in Oaxaca", and this week we can't help but mention another of these features, "36 Hours in Hamburg." Why? Because when most people think of German cities, they think of Munich and Berlin, and Hamburg may not always get a fair shake. But, as this feature proves, studying at one of Hamburg's German schools is an excellent choice. Hamburg is an incredibly rich and metropolitan city, dotted with excellent shopping, dining and culture, and is not without gorgeous scenery.

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Learning Arabic in Morocco: Some Tips

Rabat_students_groupBy Cameron R., Guest Blogger learning Arabic in Morocco

I have come.  I have seen.  I have not yet conquered.  I am now getting into my second week here in Morocco, and it is growing on me.  I arrived in Rabat with a comparative eye.  I had, over a year ago, tasted the Levantine region in the Middle East.  Therefore, I, just by feelings, attachment, previous experience, and my mind's pattern recognition, had been comparing what was going on in Morocco to Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.  I do not mean conflict.  I mean cultural interactions, vibes and pulses and activities, language, and food. 

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New York Times’ 36 Hours: Oaxaca, Mexico

OaxacastreetLearning Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico may not be the first option that comes to mind when weighing out your language immersion options, but make no mistake – it's a great one! Oaxaca was highlighted in the NYT's article entitled "36 Hours: Oaxaca, Mexico" a few weeks ago. If you're not familiar with the "36 Hours" feature, it is a regular NYT Travel column wherein the author spends 36 hours touring a foreign town and journals his or her experiences. Here is an excerpt:

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Contest: Win a Free Week Anywhere!

Madrid_dQ_groupEvery year, AmeriSpan has one big contest for all current and future participants, and this year's is especially exciting! Last year, we had our 'Great Travel Abroad Contest,' where students competed to receive prizes and AmeriSpan discounts by blogging, vlogging, Facebook friending, and more! Participants had a blast, and this year we want to make it even better! So first, we need your help designing the perfect AmeriSpan contest! So for now, fill out a form with your contest suggestions, and you can win a free week of AmeriSpan classes at ANY of our locations!

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Plan Ahead Special: 2 Days Left to Save up to $349 on AmeriSpan Programs!

Costa_rica_academiatica_jaco_poolOur newest Special is red hot and will only last until the end of the day on Friday, January 20th!

It's called the "Plan Ahead" special and it goes like this:

Take 20% off any language program in Europe (max $349) or 15% off any of our other programs throughout the world (max $249). This is an incredible deal and may be the biggest of the year!

To qualify, register for any AmeriSpan program by the end of the day January 20 (2012), pay  in full by February 3 (2012) and use the discount code "Plan Ahead" when applying.

(Photo: Spanish school in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica)

AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico

Guanajuato_dQ_guitarist_with_mosaicFor the past month, we've been highlighting some of our locations nearby global attractions which we think are worth visiting in a lifetime. Our final "Bucket List" recommendation is a festival that would be an incredible thing to experience during Mexico study abroad: the Day of the Dead, or "Dia de los muertos".

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Quito Junior Immersion: Excursion to Cloud Forest

Teen_ecuador_waterfallJoin Garrett F. on his Ecuadorian quest with the Quito Junior Immersion program

My weekend was quite amazing I must say. On Saturday we left the school at 6:30 am for the Bella Vista cloud forest. After a two hour drive we arrived at a cool little lodge in the forest. We ate breakfast then set off on a hike through the cloud forest. Equipped with a guide and boots on our feet, we took a long hike through paths and rivers as we finally got to the water fall. Afterwards we hiked back to the lodge where we had some scrumptious trout for lunch, then it was off to the small town of Mindo.

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Teenager Summer Abroad in Salamanca, Spain – Video

Teen_salamanca_relaxingAmeriSpan's Teenager summer abroad programs are ideal for teens wishing to immerse themselves in a language in between school years. They can be a great way to get a boost foreign language skills while opening minds and boosting resumes or college applications!

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