AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru_macchu piccu from putukusiAmeriSpan has been compiling a list of its "bucket list" destinations that are close by to must-see world sights – last week, we highlighted Petra in Jordan. No such list would be complete without one of the world's greatest archaeological meccas, Macchu Picchu, close to our Peru Spanish schools.

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New York Times Explores Christmas in Barcelona

Barcelona_city7Barcelona is one of AmeriSpan's most unique and beloved Spain study abroad locations. But have you ever wondered what Christmas there is like? The New York Times recently posted an article entitled 'A Catalan Christmas', that described writer Lisa Abend's experience here during the Spanish holiday season – which extends past Januyary 1st!

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Learn Spanish in Santiago, Chile – Video

Considering learning Spanish in Santiago? This video will give you a great look into what it's like. Santiago is modern, incredible city with unparalleled mountain views, a bustling metropolitan area, and plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature, beach excursions and the arts. Check out the video below!

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Spanish and Volunteering: Feeling Homesick in Sucre

Sucre_volcanoBy Amanda S., a guest blogger studying Spanish and volunteering in Bolivia

There are a lot of gringos in Sucre, relative to most parts of Bolivia. I’ve talked to several people, and their story always goes something like, “Yeah, I worked for the Peace Corps in a village outside of Sucre a few years ago, and I liked it here so much that I stayed." There’s one guy from Louisiana that came here with the Peace Corps in the 60’s, and he still visits ever summer- he’s good friends with my host family.

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Dominican Republic Study Abroad: Eleanor Arrives in Sosua

Dominican_palmsBy Eleanor B., guest blogger and Dominican Republic Study Abroad student

I made it! After a flight to Miami and then another one to Puerto Plata, I am finally in Sosúa. My apartment is tiny, but it's not like I need much space. The only thing I'm wondering is if there's a stove somewhere where I can cook meals. I'll get a tour tomorrow when the school is open and figure things out.

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La Ceiba Spanish School: Going With the Flow

PRIVATE_LESSONSBy Lucie C., student at AmeriSpan's La Ceiba Spanish school

I've learned in Honduras that it's best to just go with the flow… Or sometimes the lack of flow.

This morning while I was in the middle of washing my hair in the shower, the water suddenly turned off! I waited a few seconds to see if it would restart, and when it didn't, it struck me that I was standing in the shower with shampoo in my hair and no water. I just laughed. What else was I supposed to do? So, I got out, used a tiny bit of my drinking water to get the excess suds out, and now I'm sitting on my bed in a towel waiting for the water to come on again so that I can finish what I started. (Thankfully today is Sunday, so I'm in no rush to go anywhere.)  I've learned that there is really no reason to stress the things I can't control, and- if possible- I try to enjoy the unexpected!

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Volunteer in Guatemala: Social Work Organization

Guatemala_VOL_01By Sarina R., guest blogger volunteering in Guatemala

A new routine began this week that I am enjoying immensely. Sure, there are plenty of awesome bars, cafes and coffee shops in Antigua to occupy the out of class hours. But after two weeks of cafe-hopping, I was starting to get the itch for a busier schedule.

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‘Get It Done’ Poll: Vote to Sponsor Children in Argentina!

9760240Vote Now – The Dutch organization Get it Done is hosting a Facebook poll among three great organizations around the world, and the winning organization will receive exposure on its website and Facebook pages. AmeriSpan's vote goes to Go Give an Opportunity, a fabulous charity that provides less fortunate children with the tools they need to receive a great education!

Here is Go Give an Opportunity!'s mission statement:


Our main goal is to promote local education among students of high academic performance and low economical resources. We want to be able to provide those children who show good standing, the possibility to access the proper education eliminating any of the common obstacles brought by the lack of money and food in the families. At the same time we want to further educate these children with the proper values, customs, responsibilities and teach them to have their own personal goal in life. We want to provide children with all the tools needed to be successful and come out of poverty.


Connie Marianacci, head of the program, is a former AmeriSpan employee and John Slocum, Co-founder of AmeriSpan, is the Secretary of the organization.

Please vote for Go Give an Opportunity (Option 2!) right now to support a great cause!


AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Petra in Jordan

Jordan_Petra_camel2Want to see see Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, while studying Arabic in Jordan? It is a must see if you are in the area, as the rock formations are awe-inspiring and have survived more than two thousand years.

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Costa Rica Spanish Schools: The Food

Costa_rica_academiatica_jaco_gallopintoBy Bradley R., guest blogger studying Spanish in Heredia and Samara Beach, two of AmeriSpan's most popular Costa Rica Spanish schools

The food in Costa Rica isn't particularly revolutionary, although I enjoy it greatly.  As one might expect of any Latin country, the most common staple is rice, with black beans as a close second.  Nearly every meal, breakfast to dinner, includes at least a small portion of each.

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