CNN’s “Top 5 Cities in Central & South America”

Argentina_Buenos_Aires_Highlights_000Last week, we reposted an article about CNN's list of top European cities, and this week we're focusing on a similar piece on the top five cities in Central and South America. While AmeriSpan Study Abroad had six out of ten locations on the European list, we have a whopping 4/5 locations on this one! Can you guess which city made number one on the list?

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Mexico Study Abroad: Exploring Guanajuato and Starting Classes

Guanajuato_bloggerGuest blogger Laura K. describes her experiences starting a new life path with Mexico study abroad

Hola, Me llamo Laura.

I have made the decision to undergo a career change, and thought when better to pack up and head to Mexico to learn Spanish! I am hoping that when I return to Colorado, I will be able to use my new language skills in my next job. I chose Guanajuato, Mexico because I had heard from my family as well as a friend who did a study abroad through the University de Guanajuato that this was a great town filled with educated people, beautiful buildings, and was safe for a woman traveling alone. This next month will be a growing experience in many ways, sure to be filled with cultural experiences, difficulties expressing myself, time to think about what I want to do with my life, and new friends.

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CNN Names 10 Best Cities in Europe; AmeriSpan Schools in 6

Italy_Florence_CityView4Last week, we mentioned a similar CNN article featuring Asian travel destinations in our post "CNN's Top 10 Cities in Asia: 5 AmeriSpan Locations Make the List". CNN made a another list. and this time it's a list of the top ten cities in Europe. Sure enough, several AmeriSpan locations have again made the list! In fact, three are home to some of AmeriSpan's Italian schools in Italy! Find out which city took first place after the jump..

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Last Day of “Act Pronto” Special!

Cusco_nichole-donahue_excursionRemember, today is the last day to apply and receive 20% off any program in Europe or Latin America. Act now to take advantage of this gigantic special!

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New Contest: Win a Free Week in Barcelona!

Barcelona_beachBarcelona is a high-ranking destination for many travelers, regardless of whether or not they want to study Spanish, so AmeriSpan is excited to announce its newest contest: Why Barcelona?

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France Study Abroad: Love and French

Lyon3By Ashley C., guest blogger and France study abroad participant

Normally, I would say you shouldn?t take advantage of men in order to practice your French, but I?ve made a few exceptions here. One night, while eating a crepe in Vieux Lyon (amazing crepes, by the way!), a man came up to me and said “bon appetit!” (a very common expression, of course), and I said “Merci!” and smiled (thinking he would just pass by). He then sat down. I thought to myself, I wonder if he?s a nice guy or a weird one? He then started to talk to me slowly and carefully, and he complimented me on my French (which, by the way, is not good…yet), and then asked me out to a drink. Ordinarily, if I was back in the states, I would never have even talked to him for more than a few minutes, but in France I?m supposed to be practicing my French, right?

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Latest Newsletter & Offers

Newsletter3Save 20% in Europe and Latin America, win a free week in Barcelona, find out how to fundraise and other goodies in this issue:

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CNN’s Top 10 Cities in Asia: 5 AmeriSpan Locations Make the List

Bangkok_kanchanaburi3AmeriSpan does its homework when selecting its study abroad program locations, taking comfort, safety, fun and school quality into careful observation. So it was no surprise when CNN's Conde Nast Traveler listed five AmeriSpan location cities in its article rating the top 10 cities to visit in Asia.

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Junior Immersion in Quito: Introduction

1By Ryo H., guest blogger and Junior Immersion in Quito participant

Mucho gusto, me llamo Ryo. 

Today is the second day of a month long trip to Ecuador, and I am beat.  The trip just to get to Ecuador was something by itself.  The worst part wasn't the 10 hours spent in a plane or the 4 hour layover in the Miami airport.  It was waking up at 3 am, getting to the airport, and waiting for hours, just to find out our plane was cancelled.  To top it off, the next plane was not until the following day at the same time, 3am, so i had to wake up at the crack of dawn two days in a row.  We finally arrived in Quito late that night and my host mother, Susana Garcia, picked us up.  Once we arrived at their pad, we met the son Carlos, age 12, and daughter Andrea, age 21.  I slept very little that night and woke up not so bright but early for school the next morning.  Between fooling around at the airport, the long plane ride, lack of sleep, and the high altitude, Ecuador has made me a tired camper these first few days.

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