SALUD Medical Spanish: First Days in Cusco!

Cusco_nichole-donahue_foodBy Nichole D., Guest Blogger and SALUD Medical Spanish in Peru participant

Finally I have made it to my final destination of Cusco, Peru.  I was greeted at the airport by my gracious house mom, Nancy.  She has many children and two grandchildren Fabio and Francesca who are over at the house all the time and are so fun! We take turns singing the alphabet (them in English, me in Spanish) and practice our colors, shapes, numbers etc.  It´s like I´m in 1st grade all over again!  

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AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: The Great Wall of China

China_Beijing_city1Inspired by 'Organizing an Event's" article entitled "10 Events to Attend Before You Die.", AmeriSpan has been compiling a list of its own "bucket list" locations. Today we explore The Great Wall of China, a wonder of the world so monstrous that it's visible from the moon! It is a must-see attraction for those learning Chinese in China, and a jaw-dropping sight for all.

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Junior Immersion in Heredia: Las Esperas

Teen_heredia_COSI_homestay2By Guest Blogger Johanna G., Heredia Junior Immersion program participant

In this video, Johanna videotapes a tour guide at a local museum discussing the mystery of "Las Spheras", or "the spheres" that were found in the area long ago. As you can tell, the tour guide is very knowledgable and entertaining! AmeriSpan's Teen programs abroad offer plenty of fun and educational opportunities for teens to take advantage of in their free time between classes!

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Coronado Independent Teen Program: Last Week

Blog1_11By La' India S., a Teen Delegate participating in AmeriSpan's Coronado Independent Teen program

My last week in Costa Rica was a fun but tragic moment. We got new students on Tuesday. There were three from France and one from Germany. They were friendly.

 On Wednesday, My teacher took us on a trip to "El Museo de Los Ninos." We each were given an assignment to listen and explain later(in Spanish) what we learned about that subject. My assignment was El edificio(the building).The building used to be a prison for men years ago. We also learned about the culture of Costa Rica and how modern foods and objects they used evolved. Another subject we learned about was the banana and coffee in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a rich culture and produce great products countries all over the world use. The museum had a great variety and objects to touch, feel, and read about for kids. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, my friend Jessica and I walked around San Jose and went to a cafe for lunch.

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French in France: Croix-Rousse

Lyon_marketBy Ashley C., guest blogger learning French in France

I live in an exceptionally beautiful part of Lyon called Croix-Rousse! There?s a farmer?s market every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it?s the most wonderful farmer?s market you could ever go to! There are wonderful fruits and vegetables, of course, but there are some vendors who also sell beautiful clothing, pottery, jewelry, and other handmade creations. I can spend a whole weekday morning just wandering around the wonderful stands (and I have spent many weekday mornings doing just that!).

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AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Argentina_waterfall3Each week, we've been posting destinations on AmeriSpan's "Bucket List", or places we want to go before we "kick the bucket"! Last week we discussed Machu Picchu, Peru, and this week we're highlighting Argentina's Iguazu Falls, just a weekend excursion away from our Argentina Spanish schools.


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Spanish and Skiing: Preparing for Santiago

Fun_chile_santiago_skiingGuest blogger William P. details his experiences in the Spanish and Skiing program in Santiago, Chile

As I am on the plane and on my way to Santiago, I begin to think of all the things to come.  As a graduate of law school who just took the California Bar, and what seems like an endless wait of four months until the results come out in November, I knew I had to find something productive to do with my time during the waiting period.  Living in Southern California, I know that learning Spanish will be a tremendous benefit to me as I enter the job market soon and therefore I thought going to Santiago, Chile would be the perfect learning/vacation opportunity to reward myself for all the hard work in law school and studying for the Bar.

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Spanish in Honduras: Spanish Classes and Teachers

STUDENTS_&_TEACHERS_TRAVELING_TO_THE_BEACHBy Liz L., guest blogger studying Spanish in Honduras

So far I´ve written a lot about my side trips, but I haven´t written much about the school itself. Having finished two weeks and started my third week, I have to say I feel better. My teacher, Yessenia, is a lot of fun. We start class every morning at 8 AM. Most of our morning is taken up by grammar -although it doesn´t have to be grammar. I asked for a lot of grammar in my lessons because this is the area in which I need the most help.

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Learning Spanish in Montevideo: Salads and Soccer

Uruguay_montevideo_ESTUDIANTESBy Renee S., Guest Blogger learning Spanish in Montevideo

It is amazing how different my surroundings are here.  Americans look compulsive compared to the easy going Uruguayans. My host family's roof is more of a patio. And in the U.S., each room in the house is designated a specific purpose.  Here each room is used, but there is no “tv room”, “dining room”, etc. 

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